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Send SMS in a simple way and reach your users faster. In addition, get the highest redemption in your campaigns at the best price.

Canaliza IT

Canaliza IT, a Mexican subsidiary specializing in the wholesale SMS business of the Canaliza Group, inherits over 15 years of experience in information technology and telecommunications.

We focus on the development of corporate and wholesale mass SMS services worldwide, offering high-quality SMS routes and competitive prices. In addition, we provide artificial intelligence-based content consultancy to improve the impact and redemption of our clients’ campaigns.

Advantages of choosing Canaliza IT

Reliable and reputable partner: We stand out for the quality of our services and financial solvency in the market.

Extensive experience in various sectors: We work with clients in the telecommunications, banking, fintech, call center, retail, and delivery sectors, adapting to the specific needs of each one.

Innovation and technology: We implement artificial intelligence-based solutions to optimize the impact of your SMS campaigns.

Customization and flexibility: We offer services tailored to the requirements of each client, with the possibility of adjusting our solutions according to business needs.

Support and customer service: We provide constant advice to ensure the satisfaction and success of our clients and suppliers.

Our services

Global coverage: Quality and security in the delivery of SMS worldwide.

Database cleansing and verification: We ensure the authenticity and accuracy of phone numbers in your client databases, eliminating fake or incorrect numbers and guaranteeing the quality of the information..

Multiple interconnection agreements: Short and long code SMS routes ensuring the best quality of service.

Experience in managing SMS campaigns: Advice on service selection based on your needs and budget.

AI-based content consultancy: Analysis and optimization of content with artificial intelligence.

Our capabilities

High capacity and speed in deliveries: Processing of over 1 million SMS per hour.

Customer service: Advice and support committed to our clients’ satisfaction.

Integrated platform: Robust and flexible solution with secure dedicated links via API or SMPP.

Self-management interface: Privacy and security of your data on the self-management platform.

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